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Langustefonts is a type and graphic design studio based in Vienna (Austria) founded and run by Johannes Lang. The typefaces released are often rooted in experimental designs and are mainly but not only latin script typefaces. The main focus lies on the development of new and original typefaces that fit nowadays requirements like an extended character set or the implementation of OpenType features but there are also type-designs that are not legible at all. After all a typeface can be seen as a collection of (arbitrary) vectors that renders ‘liquid’ patterns if used to set text. A big source of inspiration is the way we use the alphabetic code with its specific but absolutely arbitrary shapes to make something audible visible and how we represent apparently unambiguous content with a writing system where form and content don’t have any connection anymore. Regardless of their experimental origin most of the typefaces still do their job and can be used for all purposes ranging from logotypes to running text.

After studying graphic design at the University of Applied Arts Vienna Johannes went to The Netherlands to study type-design at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague finishing with a master degree at the Type and Media course. Since 2008 he is working as a graphic and typedesigner in Vienna, Austria.

OpenType Fonts

OpenType is currently the most common file format for typefaces supported by all major operating systems. The core of an OpenType font are still either Postscript or TrueType curves. But the new format added several new possibilities to its predecessors. One big advantage is the extended language and character support through Unicode allowing up to 65,536 glyphs per font. The other great advantage is the possibility to include features which make advanced typographic layouts easily accessible. Basically they substitute one or more glyphs (like ligatures) or change their position (kerning). An OpenType font does not have features by itself. Depending on what the designer integrated the font can include none to over 100 of the registered OpenType features. To make use of these features a supporting software is required. Not all applications support the same features and execute them in the same way. A great list of applications and their OpenType support can be found at Typotheque

Payment and delivery

Fonts can be licensed directly on this website. Payment will be handled by PayPal. Upon confirmation of the payment an email will be sent to the address given during the payment process. This email will contain links to download the purchased items. The download links will be valid for two weeks and for a maximum of three downloads each.
If payment with Paypal is not possible for you please contact us by email with your order. We could also invoice you and send you a download link as soon as the payment is receipt.

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