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Alefbet is a reimagination of the Phoenician alphabet. The original symbols — probably derived from ancient egypt hieroglyphs are used as a starting point but typographic features developed since then are applied to the skeleton. Vertical metrics like a baseline, ascenders and descenders are introduced and serifs are added on some characters. Instead of almost monolinear strokes caused by incising the letters with a stylus a broad nib contrast is applied throughout the font. Since the Phoenician alphabet only consisted of 22 consonants the missing letters of the modern latin alphabet are build according to how they probably derived. Though not really intended to be used for setting text it is nevertheless interesting to see what hypothetical development the latin alphabet could have taken.

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An ascender and descender as well as serifs on some characters are introduced.

Character sets

Basic Latin script Alphabet

Alefbet Basic Latin script Alphabet

Latin accented

Alefbet Latin accented

Punctuation and typographic marks

Alefbet Punctuation and typographic marks


Alefbet Figures


Alefbet Mathematical

1 Style


Alefbet Regular

OpenType features

Contextual alternates

Alefbet Contextual alternates
Alefbet Preview


AMazeThing Preview

AMazeThing (5 styles)

Audiotypi Preview


Baguette Preview


Canontire Preview

Canontire (2 styles)

Crossword Preview

Crossword (2 styles)

Doggy Preview

Doggy (4 styles)

Elfenfreund Preview


Lamb Preview

Lamb (63 styles)

LF Pixel Preview

LF Pixel (3 styles)

Noncept Preview


SomeHand Preview