Audiotypi specimen


Audiotypi is following a very strict design principle allowing only horizontal and vertical lines as well as 45 degrees slanted ones. For rounded parts only quarter segments of a circle are used. All counters and wherever possible the inner shapes of characters are filled resulting in a very high contrast. The length of the ascender and descender are half of the x-height and the caps are one and a quarter x-heights. Originally designed as a lettering for a festival poster Audiotypi’s strong visual appearance is best used for headlines or logotype.

Audiotypi image

A low cap height and equal ascenders and descenders define the proportions.

Character sets

Basic Latin script Alphabet

Audiotypi Basic Latin script Alphabet

Figures and Fractions

Audiotypi Figures and Fractions

Latin accented

Audiotypi Latin accented

Punctuation and typographic marks

Audiotypi Punctuation and typographic marks

Mathematical and Currency

Audiotypi Mathematical and Currency

Arrows and Symbols

Audiotypi Arrows and Symbols

OpenType features

Oldstyle Numbers

Audiotypi Oldstyle Numbers

Discretionary Ligatures

Audiotypi Discretionary Ligatures


Audiotypi Fractions


Audiotypi Superior


Audiotypi Inferior
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