Canontire specimen


Canontire is inspired by the bulkiness of shipping containers and the bold lettering upon them. It tries to translate the heavy and blocky appearance with all the dents and rusty spots into something legible. Originally intended to be part of a corporate identity the typeface started to be a project on its own. One critical part of the design process was figuring out the right balance of roughness and smoothness. Not evening out too many of the crooked curves to keeping the typeface alive and maintaining its partly weired look. The family consists of the regular and bold weights.

Canontire image

The typeface is slightly compressed; Oldstlye and tabular figures are available..

Character sets

Basic Latin

Canontire Basic Latin

Latin accented

Canontire Latin accented

Punctuation and typographic marks

Canontire Punctuation and typographic marks

Figures and fractions

Canontire Figures and fractions

Mathematical and Currency

Canontire Mathematical and Currency

Arrows and Symbols

Canontire Arrows and Symbols

2 Styles


Canontire Regular


Canontire Bold

OpenType features


Canontire Ligatures

Old-style Numbers

Canontire Old-style Numbers

Tabular Old-style Numbers

Canontire Tabular Old-style Numbers

Tabular Lining Numbers

Canontire Tabular Lining Numbers


Canontire Fractions

Contextual Alternates

Canontire Contextual Alternates
Alefbet Preview


AMazeThing Preview

AMazeThing (5 styles)

Audiotypi Preview


Baguette Preview


Canontire Preview

Canontire (2 styles)

Crossword Preview

Crossword (2 styles)

Doggy Preview

Doggy (4 styles)

Elfenfreund Preview


Lamb Preview

Lamb (63 styles)

LF Pixel Preview

LF Pixel (3 styles)

Noncept Preview


SomeHand Preview