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LF pixel is a multi-script grid based typeface using four units for the x-height with ascenders and descenders of one unit each. Besides covering the latin, greek, cyrillic, armenian and hebrew script the fonts feature an extensive range of ligatures and some swash characters accessible through OpenType features. The family consists of a regular and a very bulky bold style and is completed with an inverted style using the outlines of the two base styles overlapping each other.

LF Pixel image

A four units x-height is paired with ascenders and descenders of one unit.

Character sets

Basic Latin script Alphabet

LF Pixel Basic Latin script Alphabet

Basic Greek

LF Pixel Basic Greek

Basic Cyrillic

LF Pixel Basic Cyrillic


LF Pixel Armenian

Basic Hebrew

LF Pixel Basic Hebrew

Latin accents

LF Pixel Latin accents

Punctuation and typographic marks

LF Pixel Punctuation and typographic marks

Figures and fractions

LF Pixel Figures and fractions

Mathematical and currency symbols

LF Pixel Mathematical and currency symbols

Arrows and symbols

LF Pixel Arrows and symbols

3 Styles


LF Pixel Regular


LF Pixel Bold


LF Pixel Inverted

OpenType features


LF Pixel Ligatures

Discretionary Ligatures

LF Pixel Discretionary Ligatures

Old-style Numbers

LF Pixel Old-style Numbers


LF Pixel Swashes


LF Pixel Fractions

Contextual Alternates

LF Pixel Contextual Alternates

Superior Numbers

LF Pixel Superior Numbers

Inferior Numbers

LF Pixel Inferior Numbers

Slashed Zero

LF Pixel Slashed Zero
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AMazeThing Preview

AMazeThing (5 styles)

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Canontire Preview

Canontire (2 styles)

Crossword Preview

Crossword (2 styles)

Doggy Preview

Doggy (4 styles)

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Lamb Preview

Lamb (63 styles)

LF Pixel Preview

LF Pixel (3 styles)

Noncept Preview


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