SomeHand specimen


SomeHand is a hand-drawn yet very legible typeface. A classic broad-nib contrast is applied with a brush style stroke. Beside some classic ligatures the letters are not connected since every character was drawn singlehandedly. The not very stringent metrics allow the glyphs to jump on the baseline giving the text a lively feel. Further character is given by some quirky and rough outlines. Despite its playful character the typeface has a nice and almost elegant impression and can be used for longer texts to give a hand-drawn appearance but keep everything perfectly legible.

SomeHand image

The jumping letters give a playful character.

Character sets

Basic Latin script Alphabet

SomeHand Basic Latin script Alphabet

Latin accented

SomeHand Latin accented

Punctuation and typographic marks

SomeHand Punctuation and typographic marks

Figures and Fractions

SomeHand Figures and Fractions

Mathematical and Currency

SomeHand Mathematical and Currency


SomeHand Arrows

1 Style


SomeHand Regular

OpenType features


SomeHand Ligatures

Old-style Numbers

SomeHand Old-style Numbers


SomeHand Fractions

Contextual Alternates

SomeHand Contextual Alternates

Superior Numbers

SomeHand Superior Numbers

Inferior Numbers

SomeHand Inferior Numbers
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AMazeThing Preview

AMazeThing (5 styles)

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Canontire Preview

Canontire (2 styles)

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Crossword (2 styles)

Doggy Preview

Doggy (4 styles)

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Lamb Preview

Lamb (63 styles)

LF Pixel Preview

LF Pixel (3 styles)

Noncept Preview


SomeHand Preview